my new old chair

I have a thing for old chairs…vintage, not antique! Used and loved just enough to show.
I also have a soft spot for polka dots and stripes. A big soft spot!
So imagine how thrilled I was when I found this chair at my favourite (still affordable) thrift store!!!! Stripes! And polka dots!!!!(of sorts)And a 50% off tag on it!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MINE!
I did notice a few worn spots (read holes) in the upholstery. Right where your legs would chafe it when you sit down). Nothing I can’t fix!!! So home it came!
I have been thinking ever since how to fix those holes. Today I crocheted some little flowers and tacked them on. (one is still missing in this picture) I love it… but now I am thinking I should maybe knit an entire new “sitting patch” for it….
What do you think?


2 thoughts on “my new old chair

  1. Hm…that is..SO hardbecause the crocheted flowers are really cute and make your chair interesting but a sitting patch would be great as well (solid color or rainbow like the flowers?).GREAT. find!Naked dogs! CUTE! Hahaha, your Dog is my exception. Naked dogs [ohsocold!] need clothing love just like the rest of us naked creatures, if not more. I should send you the hoodie pattern!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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