I love vintage. Vintage anything… fabric, photos, adds, china!
Imagine how thrilled I was to find vintage Noritake China Bread Plates at the thift store today!!!!For 99 cents each! (Info about Nortiake China)
I snagged all three!
It is the “Verna” pattern, gold rim, made between 1950 -1953, then discontinued. LOVE IT! Look at it! How could you NOT love it????I got into Noritake China a few years back, when I found a wonderfully, delicate tea cup at a thrift store. It was half off and I got the cup and the saucer for a whopping 50 cent!!!! So pretty, sadly it did not survive the move and broke in a gazillion pieces….
Ever since then I am on the lookout for bits and pieces. I don’t want an entire matching set. Apart from the fact that I could not afford it anyway, I like the mixed and matched look.
I would love to find that cup again. Tea from it was simply divine! It was so pretty! Very delicate, almost seethrough, an off white, sort of “round” shape to the cup (not the straight sides like with so many cups, it was almost a bowl shape – hard to discribe) It had pink roses “strewn” over it and the saucer. Not really in a geometric pattern.. If anybody knows what I am talking about, please let me know! I forgot the name of the pattern and have spent hours searching the internet. (Ok I am not very good at googling for anything….)
It was sort of like the Noritake Rose palace 5539 tea cup and saucer. But I seem to remember it in off white, rather then white…hmmmmm….and mine had roses inside the cup, if I remember correctly….. but then it was so long ago…..


2 thoughts on “Noritake

  1. You know, I need to get my teacups out and have some tea in them! I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm just searching blogs and if I find an interesting one, I make a comment. This is really fun and a nice way to meet some new friends!

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