Did you guess it?

I made a “curtain” 🙂
Needed something more “spring-y” on the window… so here it is:

From the outside,
and from inside
I hung them up with monofillament (fishing-line), so they look like they are floating in my window!
SPRING can come now! 😀
Her is another look at the blanket by daylight and after it got washed (that relaxes the stitches a bit and it looks and feels softer):
Love my skully pillow alongside the “home-y” crochet blanket LOL
Behind the new blanket (folded up on the couch, not the one on the wall…) is a very old one I made when I first got here to the States… I call it my “Hunderwasser Blanket” since it reminds me of the paintings of one of my favourite artists, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
Here, a link to a few of his paintings. (scroll down a wee bit)


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