I collect vintage embroidered linens. We use them as hand towels in the bathroom. I think they are so beautiful.
I try to find them in thriftstores and at garage sales and not to pay more then 50 cent a piece…

Since it is such a beautiful sunny day here, I thought I let you see some of my favourites.
I love the colours used and the motives. I appreciate the fact, that someone sat and embroidered them by hand. I wonder what they must have thought about while making them. What they intended these linens for, who they were thinking about. Where they meant as gifts? As dowry? For their own home? Where they complacent and happy while working on them, or was it something to keep their hands busy while waiting for someone, or something…
And the one I snatched up today for 25 cent 🙂
Do you collect anything?


4 thoughts on “Collections

  1. floral frogs – the glass and the metal pins one – something about the geometry of themand mirrorsand…. :)I love these linens they are very pretty and I love to embroider so it makes me happy to see someone else s work.

  2. Floral frogs! That is cooool! I never gave them a second thought, but they are very helpful when arraigning…I'd like to see that collection!I love frogs…the animal kind :)I seem to accumulate buttons and kaleidoscopes too. There is a steadily growing collection of driftwood, pebbles, beach glass, feathers and other found objects as well in my house…Maybe I should show you guys…I love embroidery too!

  3. Could embroidered items be used as dowry?? How fasssciinating.What do i collect, what do I collect, honestly, zee postcard. It seems like I have tons of postcards and I love buying them when I travel. It's unoriginal but it never stops me from seeing and enjoying them.

  4. Yes, they can be embroidered… dowry consists of things the bride will use to set up her new household, so linens and things are the main focus… fabrics to make clothes was traditional also… cooking utensils etc…anything you might want in a new household and could buy or make over time. (big quilts too, and stuff like that)I had a big collection of postcards back in the day. Even some my grandfather wrote to my grandmother while he was away at war. Sadly they did not make the move with me and I did not pick up collecting them again….

Happy to hear from you! :)

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