The orange Project is coming along just fine (with the exception, I shifted it onto my knitting needles instead of crocheting it… the yarn dictated that decision)
I am at an impasse with the second WIP though….
I have the project in mind and I love the yarn I started it with. Definitely will make one in that yarn too.
To my undoing (I am really baaaaad at making up my mind), I just remembered this other yarn I have….
I L O V E that one too!
It is a scrumptious llama/linen/silk blend from Plymouth yarn (thank you JoAnn! You totally ROCK)! OOooh joy! Soooooooooo soft. In this really wonderful off white-ish colour. (coveted last year some time with images of a summer lace pullover floating in my mind)
And since I need two colours for what is in my head, I picked some absolutely to-die-for Debby Bliss silk from my stash in chocolate brown. Sheer luxury and an impulse buy a few months back. (got two skeins….it was a big impulse… DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!)Anyway… I need help.. what to use first… here are some pics to show you just what a pickle I am in.. How can one choose between beautiful and gorgeous?
Here the one I am already working with once more:
How can you not melt with this combo?????
I am going with this one! ….. or the other one? It does drape nice….Or this one, with the shiny silk???? Arrrrgggghhhh
Here is a picture of where I am working right now… the front stoops of my house. With a cup of coffee, basking in the sun. 🙂


ETA: I decided on the Plymouth/Bliss combo….for now… 😉


Happy to hear from you! :)

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