(Excuse the threads I was in a hurry to get a photo)

I love my appliances. I do, but I don’t like the cords!
They remind me of unruly snakes. Always untwisting, never mind what you do to them….
The newer ones come with retractable cords. NICE! But I just got these, the cheapo kind and no retractable cords….
I was tired of drawers like this:So I have been thinking…
What to do. I don’t want twist ties any more (tried it, doesn’t work for me)
Today I had tons of the skirt fabric left over…. what to do with it…. I like it… I want it somewhere, where I can see it…
Napkins? No….dishtowels? Maybe…I cut them all so they would have nice straight edges and then it hit me!
To help the cords stay in place when not in use!!!
So here is what I did. Took all of 5 minutes and is a great “scrap-stash-buster”!

You need:
– iron
– fabric scraps
– sewing machine
– button (one per cuff, I used vintage ones I had)
– needle and thread to sew on the button, unless you have a snazzy sewing machine like me, that does it for you

Measure around handle and rolled up cord of appliance (roll the cord up and hold it to the handle with the tape measure)
Take this measurement and cut out a strip of fabric. (just a little rest will do, you probably won’t need more then a strip 7″- 8″ long and about 4″ wide)
Put this strip right side down and iron it in half, then unfold and fold the two sides in to the middle line, then iron like that, now fold it in half again, without taking the sideflaps out and run over it once more with the iron.Take it to your sewing machine, unfold it and fold over and sew the two short edges (just a very little bit… just so there will be a nice edge when you are done)
Now fold it on the lines again like you had it, so there is no raw edge showing. Sew on both sides a straight seam, sew two more seams about 1/4 inch from the first seam.Grab your buttonhole foot and make a button hole to match the size of your button.
Cut it open, sew on the button to the opposite end and presto! Done! 🙂Now roll up your cord, slap on the little cuff and enjoy the tame cords and the neat drawers! 🙂No more dangly cords on shelfs, or on top of the washer/dryer…

happy sewing!

ETA: my friend Karen (who is reeeeeally brilliant) has had an idea to make several at once: just cut 2 loooong strip of fabric and sew them wrong sides together (or just one strip and fold in half ).
Anyway: turn inside out, then you can cut off pieces to finish into appliance cuffs 🙂
This way you get a bunch done all at once. Might be a good idea if you have a ton of cables…. 😉
Thank you Karen! Mmmmwwwah! *blows kisses!*
I made mine out of scraps, because I can’t throw anything away that might potentially be useful, maybe… LOL


16 thoughts on “Appliance-cuff-tutorial

    • lol thank you! We do have the toilet paper ones as well behind things (my husband used to be a TV engineer, so we have TONS of cables and remotes.) he still uses the tubes.. but only in places where I can’t see it 😉

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