I am soooo thrilled!I found a slicer today! At the thrift store!
Back home every household has one of these babies! I grew up with them and they are SO HANDY!!!!
I could not believe my luck to find this really great, almost brand new looking one for a mere $9 at the thrift store!!!!Tomorrow after the volunteer breakfast, I will bake some bread! I love baking bread! Now I can slice it professionally!!! YAYYY!!
It is fully adjustable and you operate it with a crank. This is great because motorized ones spin so fast, they can generate heat and that can affect the taste of what you slice. More YAYYY! And it also does not use any electricity! Even more YAYYY!
Oh yeah… kitchen appliances get me excited 🙂


3 thoughts on “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!

  1. Oh I am in envy! That is awesome!! I know you'll enjoy it very much. For now, I just use a regular serated knife. But we're a chunk-n-dunk sort of family when it comes to home made bread. I've yet to perfect something worthy of sandwiches.

  2. Oh my goodness, I've never known anyone to have one of those and that one looks so awesome – clean and shiny!! Way, way tooooooo cool….I wasn't going to go anywhere but to and from school dropping off and picking up my girls and now I want to head to the thrift store and see if I can make an awesome find…

  3. Thanks Tamara! Your bread always looks sooooo delicious in the pictures! I am sure sliced thin it would make AWESOME sandwiches!!!Me: go and thrift away! Its a lot of fun just to walk through and see what some people had a t home… I love our thrift stores (some are on the pricy side though… but we have one that is my super secret still affordable one!

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