What do you think?

So I finished the second WIP last night around one am.
And I love it! 🙂
It’s a summer scarf/shawl for those cooler nights.
I used the Llama/silk/linen blend with the 100% silk yarn for the accents. I haven’t blocked the scarf yet (I will only lightly do so, as not to destroy the texture, because I really LOVE it), but I could not wait any longer and just have to show you pics!

Here it is: Summerscarf “Emma”!
From this:to this:
It also has a little ring, to use as fastener….
The flowers are individually made and can be changed around to be used as fasteners, or just plain decoration. Sooooo many ways to wear it!!!!The flowers by themselves, with the vintage button centers:and a not-so-great-picture of the edging:

I am done writing the pattern (in German and in English) and after it is tested it will be available! 🙂

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