30 things

I just now had an idea….(I am fully aware that it is already past midnight….)
I am starting a project. “30 things that make me happy!”
I will try and make one picture a day of things that made me happy.
You can join me if you like! 🙂 That would also make me happy!
Take pictures of anything…. the blue sky, a pretty leaf, the first spring flowers… whatever made you smile, made you happy.
Now don’t choose the obvious. I could make a picture of my family each day. They certainly make me the happiest, but I won’t. I want to keep it interesting and get working with my camera a bit. Get better at taking pictures and you can only do that when you are out there taking them…
This project will be ongoing.. so you can jump in at any time and take one picture a day for 30 days. The important thing really is to take one picture every day… to keep at it…

So, whatayasay?

If you would like to participate alongside me, send me a link to your blog. I will put a link list in my sidebar. that way we can keep in touch and see each others pictures…..
Try not to edit your pictures. The way you snapped it, is the way it should go up. That does not mean you can only take one picture! Have at it! Go nuts! Have fun! Pick the one you like best in the end! (or two or five…)
Here is my first picture:

These tulips certainly made me happy today! (ok.. so yesterday.. since it is already tomorrow….I guess I better go to bed now! 😀 )

2 thoughts on “30 things

  1. What a neat project! I'd love to participate, but I absolutely loathe the excruciating, convoluted process that getting pictures off my camera involves. :(I look forward to seeing the things that make YOU happy, though! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Awwww…. Mine is super easy, thankfully, or there would be a LOT less pictures here. Basically just plug'n'play LOL.I also don't have a super fancy camera (Well I do, but it needs a new lens…so I can only look at it for now…)

Happy to hear from you! :)

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