Of gift baskets and more happiness

Remember “Operation Pillowcase”?
Remember that I said it was an awesome idea and that I was sewing for it too?
Remember that I said you would get a pair of earrings if you send a pillow case?
Well! The offer just got better!
Check out what the ladies came up with!!!!A gift basket! For you to win!
Go, rip out the sewing machine and get going!

I really think a small comfort like a pillowcase might mean not much to us here at home having them, but if you are so far away from Family and loved ones…. it might make a difference!

Now on to my new project!
30 days of happiness….
Todays happiness comes from owning a polka dotted goldfish!How could a girl not be happy about that!!!???!!! I call him spot and I’m trying to teach him how to bark….


2 thoughts on “Of gift baskets and more happiness

  1. The note we received back from the chaplain said the pillowcases were an easy item for the soldiers to pack and they reminded them of home. Such an easy way to tell the troops we support them!

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