Day seven and eight

I forgot to put the picture up yesterday…
Here it is: A “Pincushion” I found at the thrift store πŸ˜€ It is really a little stuffy in the shape of a crab, but the flat top made me think of a pincushion right away πŸ™‚And for today I pick spiders. As much as I rather see them outside then in my house, they are very useful and I never kill them (we have a capture and release policy in place in our house…)This little spider is neat though. Made from beads and bought for me by my husband as a Valentine (about a week before Valentine already, since we don’t need holidays to be googly-eyed in love LOL)

I also have some hotpad love to share!
I made a potholder today (tutorial to come) super cool! After an idea a member of the online crafting group I am in gave me. πŸ˜€
Already tried and found to be great! πŸ˜€


Happy to hear from you! :)

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