day nine, new beginnings

I love working on things. I love to have ideas and see them “come to life” in front of me.
I love working on it and tweaking it until it is “just right”. Even if it means a bunch of “do-overs”, ripping and re-thinking.
I love the process.
Sometimes I am sad when it is over. The thinking and the counting and the math. When all there is left is the actual making up of the item.
Sometimes the journey IS the destination. That’s why I have a whole folder of patterns here, that I “hatched”, but never actually made. They are nearly finished on paper, but I have nothing to show. No pictures to go with it, other then in my head. Maybe one day I will work them up, will make the pictures and be able to show you.

Todays’ entry for my 30 days is new beginnings. I have “hatched” something new and am in the tweaking stages! YAYYY! 😀 Happiness abound!
My word program is open and my journal in front of me as well (I write it first by hand then on my computer)
I am actually making this one, so there will be pictures for you to see later.
For now, the beginning:Not much to see as of yet. It might even get reinvented one more time, since I just had another idea of how to start it…..
Me on my couch. With a crochet blanket over my knees, that I made 12 years ago and still love. My knitting in front of me. Cake in the oven and coffee brewing. The sun is shining outside (although it is freezing cold and windy) What more can one want?


One thought on “day nine, new beginnings

  1. few things are more beautiful than potential. ^_^You're a libra, who loves the process. I'm a leo who loves results.I can't -wait- to see what you come up with!

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