comfort food – tortilla soup

I am making tortilla soup for my husband. Poor thing has had a bad tummy for over a week now. 😦

My own recipe! YUM! (sorry folks, I don’t measure, so just a” what you need and what you do” sort of thing)
You need:

  • chicken (breasts to make it a bit quicker)
  • corn (can)
  • Hominy (can)
  • celery (fresh)
  • chicken stock (unless you make the broth that day too that is different…, which I do when I have the time…not today, I also make stock in advance when there is time… always good to have!)
  • onions and garlic
  • leeks if you have them
  • a red bell pepper Oh yeah! It’s crucial that it’s RED LOL
  • carrots
  • some jalapeños
  • and corn tortillas of course

What you do:

Cut all the veggies into bite size pieces (of course only the ones that need cutting, not the corn, silly)
cook the chicken until it’s done. I like to fry it in a wee bit of olive oil. 😀 Put it aside.
In the pot you want to make the soup in: heat a bit of olive oil (maybe a tbs or so) then toss in the onion and garlic. Sauté them. Mmmh smells good!
When they are nice and “glassy” looking then add chicken stock. A bunch… it’s a soup… and the corn and hominy. (ok the stock should come up about an inch/inchandahalf over the ingredients. That’s as close to a measurement as you get from me!) Add salt, pepper and chives and parsley. I DON’T add cilantro, my husband can’t stand it. Too many restaurants/people think adding cilantro makes it Hispanic… nooooo siry!
Add whatever other seasonings you like. Let it reduce… (fancy word for letting it boil without a lid, so the water can evaporate and concentrate the flavors…) Stir occasionally.
In the meantime you can cut the chicken into bite sized pieces and also the tortillas into strips.
After about 10 min. check on it. I like to cream the corn and hominy. So do that if you are making my soup.
Then put all of it back on the stove. Add the rest of the veggies and the chicken.At this point it should look like this: Season one more time to taste and let bubble for a while longer (20 min, or until the carrots are done).
I usually go and do other things at this stage. Then I forget about it and it gets nice and thick LOL add a bit more stock if necessary…stir occasionally.
In a pan get oil hot. Fry the tortillas to a delicious crispy-ness (<— industry term!) . I always put the tortillas in a bowl on the table and everybody can add them when they are ready to eat. that way they stay nice and cripsy! 🙂 You can slice an avocado and serve alongside. Some people like it. I chop the jalapeños very fine and serve it along side as well (since I can't eat anything spicy and my husband and daughter just love it, they get to "dose" themselves 😀 )Some people like to add a dab of sour creme. Not us, but I thought I mention it…
Crackers or home made bread is always good with any soup…Dish out and enjoy!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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