Spring wreath – a sort-of-tutorial

Very picture heavy!
I went through my crafting stash and collected a few items from there. Anything I had for longer then 6 Months and not used yet came out and was inspected. I either would use it now or give it away…
A wicker wreath I got a while ago (it still had the goodwill price tag on it $1), a few Deco rocks that came in a bag (also from Goodwill) that I thought I would never use, since the colour didn’t really speak to me (the entire bag, including 2 stamps -the items I was really after- came to $2.99), ribbons… everybody has ribbons!, a little square of lace and my trusty hotgluegun!
Presto, my new door wreath was as good as done! 😀
First I cut the lace-square into a continuous strip. I am sure all of you already know how that is done, but in case there is someone that doesn’t:

Start at one corner of the square, (move a few inches over) and cut almost to the opposite side, but not all the way through! Now turn your square over and cut from the other side almost all the way down again. Do this until all the square is cut up.
It should look like this: You can “round” the corners if you like, but for this project it is not necessary…(shown on a piece of Fabric, because you can see it better then on the lace)

Next you will take this newly created strip of lace and wrap it around your wreath, slightly overlapping the edges so it is nicely covered. While you wrap secure it to the wreath with dabs of hotglue every now and then. Make sure it is all nice and flat, nothing sticking up. If it does, just “turn under” the offending edge and glue.

When that is done, take your ribbons.I have used a few different ones. Cut approx one foot lengths of each of the ribbons you chose (you can just use one ribbon and cut several lengths from it, if you like that better…)

I stacked mine on top of each other, starting with the widest to the thinest, found the middle and secured them to each other with a dab of hotglue (yeah I went crazy with the gluegun!) This way they wont slip and slide when you try to tie them into a bow!
I made my bow simply by twisting the ribbons around my thumb and again securing the loop with a dab of hotglue. Make a second loop the same way. I also added a bit of bead trim. and glued a bit of rick rack around the center of the bow to make the “knot”. Hotglue the bow to your wreath. This will now be the bottom of the wreath. Grab another bit of ribbon and make the hanger loop opposite the bow. I secured that also with a dab of hotglue… Did I say I went crazy?

Now to the fun part! I grabed a few of my tiny little bells and added them to the ribbon bow. (you guessd it: Hotglue baby!!!!) I have an entire bag still to go through of these little suckers! 😀 YAYYY Bells!Then grab your deco glitter diamond thingies (I really have no clue what they are called…they are “diamond-y on one side and flat silver on the other) and HOTGLUE them in a polke dot fashion around the wreath. Presto!!!!Done!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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