Here too…

I have been admiring all the beautiful buntings made on every corner of the blogsphere… Soooo pretty and sooo cute!
I usually don’t go for the mass hysterias…but…this one fit in my home and my style…so:
Late yesterday evening I finally broke down and made one myself. 😀
It says “SMILE”
(Ignore the mushroom lamp. I am working on that…just need patience to find the right one)
Mine is not a fabric bunting, but made out of paper scraps I had around and a little bit of Martha Stewart rick rack. It is now gracing my kitchen. And I love it…I have to “right it out” a little bit. Just quickly hung it there and now noticed it is not centered really… Ah measuring at 3 am…
I watched out carefully while sewing on the rick rack as not to accidentally spell “slime” and having to hang it in my sons room instead 😉


Happy to hear from you! :)

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