Look what I made today:And here is a picture of my dog…. just because … for ONCE he posed and did not turn away. He has this thing… seriously. He poses all day. He sits there, all cute and stuff and it is just begging for a picture. So I get my camera and as soon as he sees me focusing it, he walks away, or scratches himself, or turns around…..The minute the camera is gone again, he poses again…. I swear he is doing it ON PURPOSE!!!! That little critter! 😀Of course he thought he was safe today with that ripped bag in the back… (a sewing project my friend dropped off: the lining needs replacing…) hahaaaaa, but I don’t care!!!! SO THERE!

And another one right up in my grill!
Seeeeee what I mean????


3 thoughts on “earrings

  1. The dog of the NAKED!I feel like I should make him a doggie jumpsuit.What do you think he'd like? Neon Green or is a more blue kind of guy?Or a robe. A Hugh Hefner one. ^_^

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