working on something

Not talking about the KP project, or the Gallery items I have to make. Not even talking about the last few Ideas. Although one is in the works… (no, not the knitting mobile, the other one.)

I am talking about yet another idea I had. Because I don’t have enough to do…
I am NOT buying paper towels anymore (for about 10 years now already) but I do miss them. Mostly because my family uses any other handy “rag” they can find in the kitchen to wipe up spills. Hence resulting in a myriad of stains on my dishtowels. 😦 No fun… I like my Dishtowels. Clean! Without stains!

SO… what is mom to do? Trying to come up with something of course.

I bought the stuff at TJ’s. (sort of a sham wow type cloth but only $1.50 for two) They work ok. Only draw back: you are not supposed to put them in the dryer. I am not sure how that works in other households, but I don’t have time for that. I unload the washer directly in my dryer (on rainy days otherwise it gets hung up outside) and that is that. So they DID end up in the dryer. grumble mutter…

I also sewed a few, but the cotton fabric I got was sort of water resistant. Even after multiple washings. A wee bit counter productive if you ask me….(I guess some feed sack fabric would have been better….)

Then I noticed that my knitted dishrags are wonderful to wipe up stuff with. (use them dry)
The little cotton rag soaks up stuff with no problem and I can wash it and dry it as much as I want to without any adverse effects! And best of all: I have yet to see one stain! Seriously. I guess since I don’t care if they do, they refuse to stain (not like the white blouse when you eat spaghetti… they attract the tomatoes!)
My resolution: I am planning on making more, but bigger. HA!
Cotton is a renewable resource on top!
I keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “working on something

  1. Let me know how you like the bigger size. I have been contemplating the removal of the paper towels from our house and thought about making the bigger "dish" cloths. Post what size you end up with as that was one of my hold backs, didn't know just how big to go with it. I already have a drawer full of kitchen towels but the same 5 get reused every week because I don't want the nice new pretty ones to get dirtied up by the rest of the family. 😉 Guess you are not alone on that point.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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