Another one

I love the “leftover-blanket”(scroll down) I made so very much! It is soooo comfy and warm and cuddly.
The rest of my family is fighting me over it! 😀
So my daughter brought me all of her remnant yarn (mostly little balls and leftovers I gave her) so I could make her one as well.I could go on and on making these! So relaxing at night, when I need something to do, but my lace is just not the right thing.
Sadly I am running out of remnants. I never thought I see the day LOL
I have to think about what to do. I really want to keep on making these.
Is there a place where one can buy leftover yarn?
Maybe there should be…..
The little hamster in my head is starting to run with this idea….

In knitting news: the sample for Knit picks is almost done (I will ask if I can show it to you all) and the brand new pattern for the brand, brand new project is also written. It will be tested soon. Wonder what it is? You will have to wait. Top secret for now….until I figure out what I want to do with it.


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