less plastic wrap

I have been staring at this post from the creative maven since she made it…
I love the idea! Sadly I don’t use shower caps….(I don’t really have a “hairdo”. I also have this love-hate thing going on with my hair… I just tie it up in a bun and ignore it when in the shower and not wanting to wash it – occasionally growling at it)
I was thinking I should just make one -use it or not- because the tutorial and the idea were really great to me.

So the other day I was upset because we ran out of plastic wrap and I hate using it to begin with. I remembered my grandma had “hats” for her bowls and plates when she wanted to store leftovers in the fridge. And let’s face it: Not everything fits in a glass jar….
I have found some at the dollar store, but they tend to only last a few uses (flimsy plastic) or the little elastic snaps while putting it on. Very annoying, not saving anything, if I have to buy new ones every other day.
They sort of looked like… *gasp*… shower caps!!!!!!!!!! *insert dramatic music here*

It was an AHA! moment of the finest! Off I went to find plastic that was suitable. Of course! The vinyl tablecloths!!!! I got a yard of the good stuff (nice and still pliable, but thicker then the stuff at the dollar store) and some regular white elastic and off I went experimenting.
I followed her tutorial for the first one. I have to say: THANK YOU MAVEN! It worked! I am still experimenting with the sizing. So far: About an inch bigger all the way around then what you want to cover. This seems to fit. For plates I would go up to two. You can get a boatload out of one yard of this stuff and they can take a beating! 😀 Just wipe while doing your dishes when you are done using them and presto! LOVE IT! So much less plastic wrap from now on in our house!
There are different kinds of these vinyl table cloths.Some are thicker and some are a bit more pliable. You have to figure out which ones you would like to use and are easiest for you to work with. Maybe you could use a shower curtain? They come with the cutest prints on them!


2 thoughts on “less plastic wrap

  1. Happy Easter, Bridgette from the North!!Oh my gosh, you COULD use shower curtains. That is a really, really, great idea. Do you think the stiffer plastic would pull correctly to keep the air right?

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