And now for something completely different:

Let me tell ya: I am reading! (as disturbing as that may be…) On my travels around blogland I find THE most amazing people and I want to share some of my “discoveries” with you. Give you a chance to get to know them better. Meet amazing artists on their own turf, in their own words!
I give you:
Feature Friday! *artful echo*

For this very first and introductory Friday I found Sarah Louisa Whittle. Embroidery Artist! I “stumbled” upon her through Twitter and just can’t get enough of those beautiful embroidered Postcards she makes!
Here is one of my faves:

Without further ado, here she is in her own words: 

My passion is for hand embroidery and free machine embroidery but I am interested in all textile techniques. I have a BA (hons) embroidery degree, which I gained in 2005. Since finishing my degree I have worked as a freelance embroidery artist. I take my inspiration from nature and I am particularly interested in bugs and insects. Last year however I became interested in Victorian tinted postcards and photographs after seeing some that used to belong to my grandmother. I love how the Victorian’s would take their black & white or sepia photographs and hand tint them with paint to add colour.

I decided to develop this idea further by taking modern photographs I had taken of local scenes and using Photoshop to turn them into a sepia colour, then printing them onto fabric specially for an inkjet printer. Once printed I bond them to a backing fabric and tint the image with hand embroidery, using various stitches.

I have produced several postcards which are for sale on my Etsy shop Artythreads my favorite has to be the postcard I produced of Bronte Parsonage as I adore Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. I recently became inspired to produce more Bronte postcards when I was invited to add my embroidery to the Bronte-Along Flickr group! Little did I know there was this fantastic group which were all reading the books of the Bronte Sisters starting with Jane Eyre! I am now producing another embroidered postcard inspired by the last chapter of Jane Eyre where Jane declares ‘Reader, I married him.”  You can see more of my work on my blog, Sarah Louisa Whittle or my website, Sarah Whittle UK

Thank you so much  Sarah! (isn’t that bird just darling???)
I sincerely hope you stop by her blog or website when you have time! Tell her I sent you! And drool over her wonderful art!

If you would like to be one of my “Feature Friday” guests, please send me an email with a link or some images I can review. I would be thrilled to consider your Art!


5 thoughts on “And now for something completely different:

  1. Hi there…..I've just found your blog and become a "Follower"….can't remember how I stumbled upon you but I like what I see.I'm a wacky quilter who loves to piece quilt, laugh with friends and love my 2 little princess grandbabies.Take care.

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