Spring cleaning

I am done spring cleaning my home, so I thought I will do the same to my blog. Notice the changes?

Not only the background and header (thank you shabby blogs.com).
I also made new tabs on the sidebar and put allllll the links to my tutorials and free patterns and such (that previously were in the sidebar as well) on pages and collected them under the header.
Now you have a little picture with every link to a tutorial or  recipe. So you can see the project before you even click on it. 😀 The free patterns page still has the widget. So still just click on the name of the pattern you want and download it…(sorry, no pictures yet…working on it though)
My patterns for sale are also linked up there on their own page with pictures for every pattern.
Links will from now on open in a new window for you. (I might forget to do that from time to time, but I think you will forgive me and it won’t be that bad….)
The little tabs on the sidebar are made by me with a little help from shabby blogs.com. Very proud of myself for writing the code myself! I am a computer idjit, you know…
I re-did the font on the given button, wrote the new code and love them now!
And since I was in the swing of things… I went ahead and finally figured out how to make a blog button with code box!! YAYYY! (My friend Karen made the image for the patterns, so I thought I use it for the button too)

Rambling Designs
<a href=”http://ramblingdesigns.blogspot.com/ target=”><img src=”http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f48/spinndiva/blogbuttonsmall.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Rambling Designs” /></a>
You may call me queen of the code from now on!LOL

I am trying to streamline it all a bit more around here.  Karen is doing SUCH a great job making even my free patterns look so pretty, I figured my blog should keep up.

In the spirit of spring cleaning I also have 10% off everything in my shop! So make sure you go by there, too, and grab what you were looking at before next Wednesday! (4/14/10)

What do you guys think? Like it? Is it user friendly?
Please let me know!

Oh! And remember:

Happy to hear from you! :)

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