Rigatoni Alla Ciociara, ciabatta bread with garlic butter and salad

Tonights dinner consists of:
Pasta with a creamy tomato/ham sauce, freshly baked ciabatta bread with home made garlic butter and a salad.

I thought I share my recipe.


Rigatoni Pasta (I am fully aware that mine are not rigatoni in that picture… but the only ones I had at home today and I was not about to make any)
Cheese to crumble on top of everything (whichever you like, we use Mozzarella)

For the sauce:
Ham (cut into cubes)
Olive oil
diced tomatoes (can be out of a can, but I prefer fresh)
Peas (same as with the tomatoes)
heavy whipping creme
an onion
oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary

For the garlic butter:
room temperature, unsalted butter
garlic (I use about 2 little portions of a clove depending on how little they are even more)

For all: Salt and Pepper to taste

Usually I make the pasta myself, but I skipped this step today (lazy me)
To make the bread I use this recipe or this, depending when I thought of making it :D. (you all know me already and know how I am with recipes… I can never follow them beginning to end, so I have my own versions of both, that I use, but these are where they came from)

The garlic butter:

Peel and mince the garlic as fine as you possibly can. Really go to town with it. Then stir it in the butter along with a bit of salt and pepper to taste.Cool until used.

Prepare the pasta according to the packaging.

The Sauce:
Dice your onion. Grab the little “garlic-toe” and cut off the end where the roots would be, now put it on your cutting board and place the broadside of your knife on top. Now hit the broad side of your knife with your hand and crush the garlic.. Peel off the skin. Take this smashed garlic and rub the bottom of your pan with it.  In this pan heat up some olive oil. Not toooooo hot, but good and warm. Then toss in the onion and the bit of garlic and sautee.
Once they are nice and glassy looking, throw in the ham and brown just a little bit. Now season with the salt, pepper, basil and oregano, thyme and a bit of rosemary.
Add the tomatoes and let it all sizzle a bit. Then turn to medium heat. Add the whipping creme, stir and put on a lid. Let it simmer on low heat for at least 20 minutes, stirring every so often if you feel like it.

When the bread comes out of the oven, let it cool a bit, then cut it into slices and add the garlic butter.

Put the pasta in a serving bowl, add the sauce and toss.

Make a nice, green, leavy salad with a vinaigrette and presto!

Done! 😀
A little bit of wine, some candle light with it and you feel like you are on vacation in Italy! (restrain from using checkered tablecloths though LOL)

Fruit salad recipe as a bonus 🙂

Yesterday I made fruit salad for desert.

I used pears, bananas, plums, nectarines and apples. I usualy use whatever fruit I have at home and needs to be eaten. So the ingredients vary fastly over the year…
I peel the apples, pears and of course the bananas. The rest get’s used with the peel.
Cut everything in bitesize cubes.
Put into a big bowl, and sprinkle with a little bit of sugar (or mix in some honey or agave sweetener yum) A bit of lemon juice stops it from turning tooooo brown, but is not necessary if you don’t like it.
Let sit for a few minutes so the juices can gather a bit.
When ready to serv, place in individual bowls, then cut up a few ice creme sandwiches into small cubes and mix in with the individual serving.
We LOVE Julie’s organic Pure delight vanilla ice creme sandwiches! Soooooo goood!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Rigatoni Alla Ciociara, ciabatta bread with garlic butter and salad

  1. Thank you! We love it! Lactose allergies are bad…. you could just leave out the cream and make it a marinara type sauce instead! Just as yummy! Or try soy milk? 😀

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