Frogs and snails and puppydog tails…

..are not just for boys! I love snails and so does my daughter. We found one yesterday in the lavender bush! It inspired a study of snail and slug anatomy. (on paper! We don’t harm snails here!!!) WOHOOO!
We have “Larry” in a jar now and will observe his habits for a while. Then he will be set free again to roam the wilderness.

Here are some pictures of Larry:

And of course the ever-present, cheerful companion of spring: The ladybug! We have so many of them here. I love them!

One more picture of my favourite little blue flowers. Most people think of them as weeds, but I loooove them and nothing says SPRING to me, like seing them bloom!


4 thoughts on “Frogs and snails and puppydog tails…

  1. You know the worst thing in the world??????!The sound of snails being stepped on when they come out for rainy days. I can't handle it! I always, always have to rescue them and put them back in the bushes where they belong. -sigh

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