Honoring Earth Day

Apart from recycling and taking reusable bag to go shopping, there is so much more one can do to help out mother earth.
Take the paper towels for example. How many of them are you using each day? How many trees are needed to make them? Have you ever thought about it? Can’t really live without them, you think? Could you/would you like to try something different?

I stopped using paper towels about 10 years ago. I still miss them though.Specially since my family uses any given piece of fabric in the kitchen to wipe up spills with. Nothing is safe!!! Our cloth napkins, the dish towels, I even caught one of them using a table cloth (one of the little center ones)!!!!! That’s when I drew the line! I hate having coffee stains in my dish towels, and napkins! One day I finished the kitchen and spilled a bit of coffee on the counter. I used what was handy, a hand knitted cotton dishrag fresh from the drawer. (the coffeemaker is by that little drawer we keep them in) It worked like a charm! Soaked up everything! I wanted a bigger one! for bigger spills. So I started playing around a bit. This is the result:

Bigger then the dishcloths, it has a bit more “room” to soak up spills. Use it dry. It works like a sponge and gets better after you wash it a few times. make a few and keep them handy in the kitchen. We are really happy with ours. I don’t care if they get stained beyond recognition… (which of course prompts them not to get stained EVER!!!! Hurumpf….)after using them I just toss them in the wash and re-use them. Make one and try it for yourself! 😀

I hope this free pattern will help you at least to cut down on your paper towel usage, if you are not ready to give them up entirely yet.

You can download the PDF file here:

Happy earth day!

3 thoughts on “Honoring Earth Day

  1. I have old diapers and the good parts of old towels that I use for paper towels, I have home-made napkins too. I hate throwing away stuff I spent money on.By making your own stuff you lighten the load for the environment, lighten the load for your wallet, and cut at least one string that binds you to the commercial/consumerism of our culture.

  2. Yeah!I knew something prompted me to start following you officially.And this pattern was it.I have a partial cone of peaches & cream in pastel rainbow colors. Crocheted a shopping bag my Hubby refuses to use because it's "too girly."Towels used in the privacy of our own home will have no such stigma.

  3. Melissa! I agree. I don't like throwing away things. (never mind if I got them free or not) I like to re-use as much as I can and keep it out of the landfills just oooooone more day. We also use fabric napkins.I try and find new ways to use things every day. It is actually not only good for the environment, but good for yourself too. It gets creativity flowing and makes you feel good in the end. Ann: LOL 😀 Thanks! Oh I would love to have a pastel coloured bag! But then…. I'm a girl… my husband would not take a pink bag either LOL(that's why I made my pink bag reversible to green! hehehehe)

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