The going on’s

The last few days were intense! Soooo much work!
There is my family and cooking and cleaning and homeschooling…
Then with the weather getting better, there is lots to do outside in the yard. 
Mondays I don’t get to do anything. I volunteer at our local foodbank that day and it is a lot of exhausting work. Lugging heavy boxes of food and making sure you give out the correct amounts. It is also a lot of fun and I work with an amazing group of people!
Of course there is always some knitting and crochet and sewing to be done. At the moment it is rather secret knitting…. so not much to show…sorry… the other projects you have already seen. (I had to frog the table cloth twice, because I’m a dork and the little leftover blanket I am making for my daughter is growing steadily.)

In the midst of all this, I have managed to finish a new pattern! YAYY! It is being tested and beautified right now then you get to see it. 😀
It’s another baby blanket! There are only 4 more months before the intended recipient will be born so I had to “scramble” LOL
However, I’m not knitting it. Karen is, Right now, as we speak.
She will send me pictures once it is done and then you all get to see what I was busy with. It looks cute in my head, let me tell you!

Since blogposts without any pictures are no fun, I leave you with a little “just for fun” project I am working on:

My around-the-house-shawl/wrap/sort-of-blanket-thingy!

MMmmmmhhhh bamboo yarn!!!!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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