Feature Friday: Marijke Mill and giveaway!

It’s time again to share a wonderful, sweet and talented person with you all!

I found her “snooping” blogland!
Marijke Mill with Crystelle Boutique.
I just love love love the bags she makes! They are so unique and cool and cute! Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself, here with the interview or at herblog! (BTW. She did an interview with me too *blush* you can go and read it here)
Here is a little bit more about her:
Marijke (love that name) was born and raised in the Netherlands, where her parents encouraged her to draw from the time she could hold a crayon.  They always Ooh-ed and Ahh-ed appropriately and treasured her my artwork.  When she was little they gave her a little children’s sewing machine for her birthday. She used that little machine  a lot and loves and treasures it still to this day. (There is a picture of the machine! I love the colour too!) 
 Her family also visited art museums on a regular basis.  When she announced she wanted to study art after high school, her parents were elated.
She worked in the design and floral industries for years, until she started her Family and it was time to stay home with her children.  A few years ago her father passed away. “After that I could feel him begging me (from the other side) to get back into design”, she says.  “I fought it for the longest time, because I don’t think I am a very good artist, but when sewing popped up in my head, and my youngest started first grade (leaving me with all this extra time) I embraced it fully.” she continues.  She and her husband named the sewing and design business Crystelle after after their oldest daughter.
Marijke’s goal is to finish a new design every month, but it is hard to do as life gets so busy in a house full of loved ones.  However, she loves designing very much and would like to make it a priority (and looking at you wonderful bags… we would like that too 😀 )
“Sometimes I have so many ideas in my head, they are just overflowing, and I don’t have time for them to all come out” she confesses!  She wishes she could do it all, desinging and sewing all night ad day without having to stop for sleep or food! That would be a dream come true for Marijke. “Unfortunately it is only a dream, and life is life” she sighs.  “But life is good!”
She feels there are plenty of opportunities to smile and laugh and be happy. Especially with her family.  She feels very fortunate to have a marvelous husband and awesome kids.
She said one really fun and fulfilling aspect of her business is the people she gets to meet, and learning about their dreams and aspirations.  “It is such an honor that people like my designs enough to actually purchase them!  Such a compliment!  I am honored.” she concludes.
What did I tell you? Aren’t those bags just sooo cool?And isn’t Marijke one of the cutest people?
Got inspired and want to make some of your own? No problem!
Marijke also was sweet enough to let me have two of her patterns (the Rhonda handbag and the Deidree backpack pattern) for a giveaway! (didn’t I tell you she was sweet???) Two lucky people will win!

For entries:
1.)for the first entry: please go to Marijke’s etsy store and tell me in a comment here, what is your favourite item there?
2.)For a second entry hit the “follow” button on my blog  
3.)for a third follow Marijke on her FB page.
4.)for a fourth entry twitter this blogpost. 😀
Remember to give me a way to get a hold of you (your email address or a blog-link where I can contact you) The winner will be determined by me through Random.org .
Please leave a separate comment for each entry!
The giveaway is open until Sunday evening  and I will announce the winner on Monday Morning!
Good luck everybody! 😀

Go to her blog and subscribe to her newsletter and you will not only get updates about what she is doing, but also get a free pattern for a very cute purse!


5 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Marijke Mill and giveaway!

  1. I am absolutely crazy about the Rachel handbag! I've got so much respect for Marijike because potato sack material can be so hard to work with and she makes the purse construction look so easy.I hope she accomplishes her goal! Thanks for introduction post, Bridgett! Oye!!!^_^

  2. Hi there Bridgett!It was so much fun to do this feature exchange with you. You are an amazing person with a lot of talent and especially with a lot of good in you. thanks for the opportunity to get to know you.Marijke

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