look what I found!

My wordpress blog! And it even had one post on it! I wrote this in 2008!!!!
The blog is called “If I ruled the world” yeah… I have no idea what I was thinking either…
But here it is, from the deep recesses of my mind! I present to you my one and only wordpress post!

What is there to tell about me…
Basically I am like any other friendly neighborhood evil overlord: An at home mom, happily married and back in school since a couple of weeks.

I knit and spin and cook and bake and homeschool. Weave and crochet and walk the dogs. Clean and paint, Love and live.

My husband gave up wondering about what some of the things mean/are/look like, that I say/make/wear. He calls me an artist, I call myself…. actually I don’t call myself. I have tried it, but usually I’m on the other line…. and there are days, where I am such a bit**, I don’t even talk to myself! But that is really neither here, nor there. Actually it could be there, since I have looked here and haven’t found it. What was I talking about? Oh, yes!

I don’t like being pushed in drawers or categorized, because the drawers are usually too small to hold me!

You have heard people say: “I don’t have a problem with authority, I just don’t like anybody telling me what to do.” I don’t have this problem. You can tell me what to do, I even listen with a smile, but don’t expect any results!

Also, when you feel lucky and think you can get me to do your bidding, please give detailed instructions. Like it’s my fault you don’t specify things. You want fish… you did not say you wanted the fish dead and cooked and on a plate…. who am I? A Psychic?
Well, actually I do have tendencies to read my hubby’s mind and it disquiets him to no end… Like the other day, we were sitting on the couch and I got up and said “Ok, I make you some…”, then went in the kitchen and made coffee. I heard a distant: “How’dyouknow???” He says, he is used to it by now, but I can tell by the horrified look on his face, it still freaks him out!
aaahhhh… my afternoon entertainment…

More later, I have some evil overlording to do and a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I would not want to get sleep deprivation in the way of my precisely calculated mood swings. Oversight is a luxury no evil overlord can afford. We have to be on our best game at all times…

Hmmm can I tell you something? It still describes me to a T!…


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