And the winners are:

I found the winner through random number generator.

The winners are:

Blogger Barb Phillips said…
Marijke is just one amazing, talented, kind hearted lady. I can say that as I am her neighbor just around the corner.

April 30, 2010 4:49 PM


Blogger Ariane said…

Pick me! Pick me! 😀
I love the RACHEL handbag!
May 2, 2010 5:20 AM
Please email me so I have an address for you and I will have Marijke send you the patterns right away! 😀
Hope I get to see the purses you make from it! 
Everybody else: Sorry you did not win. I really would have loved to give all of you one of Marijkes wonderful patterns, BUT not all is lost! Subscribe to her newsletter and you will get a wonderful free pattern for one of her purses! Very, very pretty too! (I got that one!)
Thanks for playing you guys! 😀

If you are an artist yourself, or know of an amazing person I should have a closer look at, please feel free to email me! I am always so happy to meet new people and see what wonderful talent is out there. I love to share it with the people reading here.  (just click on the tag in the sidebar that says “email”)


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