Best Sunday ever!

I had the best Mothersday anybody could ever have!
My husband and children planed the entire day.
I got a great breakfast in the morning with home made hash browns, eggs, bacon, pancakes and cracked wheat, orange juice and coffee.

I got an email greeting from my eldest son, whom I just recently got in contact with again. It moved me to tears! 

The kids finished washing up the kitchen, I put a little pick-nick together and then we set out.
To the shore! At the park there we found a spot and settled down. My husband found out that there would be “tall ships” today. They even engaged each other in a canon battle! It was amazing! We got there sort of late, since I got to sleep in, but we still could see them and hear the canon fire (aparently they were closer earlier, but we had fun still) Big sails, tall masts, lots of smoke and loud bangs!
I loved every minute of it!

Did I make pictures? Of course not!!! 😀 LOL
I did bring my camera, but was so enamoured watching I forgot to take pictures…. leave it to me…

Then we went to the marina and visited the marine life center. It is rather a small place with only 5 tanks, but one of them is a touch tank… always so amazing to touch an anemone, or a sea star! They were feeding the fish when we got there and we got to ask a few questions.
We were out almost all day and the sun was shining and it was just perfect!

When we got home, my husband made dinner (brats, burgers and more hash browns). It all was great!

Thank you, my wonderful family! I love you all! I always have a great time being with all of you. You make me smile, you make me happy, you make me proud!
Thanks for being my family! You guys ROCK!


3 thoughts on “Best Sunday ever!

  1. That sounds like a wonderful day! Me and my family weren't doing anything special since it's hard to get everybody at my mom's house on a Sunday… But I did call her! I miss her!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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