Short Monday update…

ok… lets see… what’s new? I have an update picture of the growing bamboo:

 Not sure about the border yet… or if I rip it all back and make something else out if it all together… We will see….

I am knitting on a blue jeans lace leaf shawl at the moment (I lost count how many I made….) This time I chose a really pretty light brown baby alpaca yarn for it. Sooooo soft! YUM.

Here it is so far. Still all scrunched up and wrinkled…

 Sort of looks like a furry landscape! 😀

Apart from that there is the other thing I am working on, but can’t show and one more thing that I might show once it is a bit further ahead.
I hate having so many UFO’s! It makes me antsy to have more then one… I best go back to work now and get them done. That way tranquility can once more reign supreme in my house.

Oh and… I love my dog 😀

He has Rockstar hair!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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