Feature Friday: Grah-Toe studio

I am so very pleased to share todays artist with you!
Not only are they working in a medium I adore (no I’m not talking fiber in any way…) but they also live in a place I think is breathtakingly beautiful!

I want to share Stacy and Kim with you today!
I met Kim when I first opened my Artfire Studio. I figured out how to use my GIMP photo program at the same time and made her a little banner for her store back then.To do that I looked through what they had in their etsy store…OMG I was smitten!

Don’t let me rattle on like this! 😀

Have a look at two of the most talented woodworkers in my book and what they have to tell:

We are Stacy & Kim , a Husband -wife team of Grah-Toe Studio on Etsy. www.grahtoestudio.etsy.com. we also have a blog www.grahtoestudio.blogspot.com
We have both been artists as long as we can remember..Stacy remembers making birdhouses with his Dad as his earliest creating memory and I remember a box of crayons and paper being my best friend!
We live in Utah currently and we both have lived in many other places through our lives. We find the landscape here incredibly inspiring. The colors and shapes, and the monstrosity of it all..if you have never been out this way you have GOT to see the Grand Canyon…(OMG is she ever so right! I lived in Utah as well and it is still one of my fave places!!!!)

Our inspiration comes from so many places…a lot of nature inspires us, sometimes, dreams, or a cloud…our customers inspire us with their custom requests and that some times leads down great roads of creativity!
 We started making hair art because we both have long hair, and I could not find anything that would hold my long thick hair for more than a few minutes or it would immediately break. we started to make wooden hair forks for my hair, and then realized that lots of other people have the same problem! (Right again! I have very heavy hair myself!!!) Over the last year our hair art has changed, grown and really become refined. We have a very definite style that is all our own and we love doing this full time.

Through a series of events that we call fortunate now, we are full time artists and our Etsy shop is our job.That is quite a bit of inspiration to keep going! We are always making more things to have on hand, as we also do shows out on the road throughout the year and we need to keep our supplies up! We are learning to balance life..having a job that you do at home is good in that you are working whenever you want..but it is also bad because you never leave work! So we have been learning that we have to take time out to have fun, go to a national park, take a hike in the mountains, go fossil hunting out in the canyons….those are the things we do for fun!
We have 2 dog-ters and a bunny and we live a messy, happy, art filled life that we love! We hope that every piece of hair art we sell brings rock solid hold and happiness with a little bit of whimsy to the wearer and others who get to look at it in their hair. We are always open to suggestions, custom requests and just meeting other long haired folks looking for cool things to wear in their hair!

Stacy has been making some really neat recreations miniature swords for hair sticks that he is enjoying, and I have loved learning to do wood-burning and creating designs that fit the color and shape of the piece to be burned on.
We have lots of awww moments with our pets, but mostly its videos of our friends and families babies doing new things that really make us do the AWWWWWWWwwwww.

(The chain in this picture is carved from a TOOTHPICK!!!! I kid you not!)

We hope to see you at our studio sometime and happy hair growing!

Arent those hair stitcks just beautiful? I loooove them! 😀
And the little chain froma toothpick? It blew my mind! How can anybody have that much patience???? Thank you so much vor dropping by, Kim and Stacy! It is always so amazing to see what you guys come up with and how you capture the beautiful surroundings you live in in your art. Having lived there I can “see” Utah and the canionlands in your art!!! Say hello to the Colorado River for me! Miss swimming there in summer! 😉

If you would like to be or know of someone that should be featured here on Friday… please drop me a note. I am always looking for new artists to meet and exchange inspiration with! 😀

Also: ITS FRIDAY! WEAR A FROCK!!!! 😀 (Frock=dress, for my non-UK readers)

EDITED TO ADD Kim’s comment:
Blogger Grah-Toe Studio~Kim and Stacy said…Thank You so much for featuring us ! We appreciate it!!! hope you get lots of views!!ANd thanks to anyone visiting our shop from here..mention this post you can get 10% off your next order!:0)
Love to you

May 14, 2010 9:56 AM
Thank you Kim! How generous of you!

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