baby alpaca leafes

The blue jeans lace leaf shawl is done. Juuust now got it finished and cast off.
It is so soft!
Still all wrinkeled and crushed, but soon it will be beautiful after blocking. (sory about the cell phone picture, but my camera needs charging..)

 After all those shawls, after all those hours blocking… It is still amazing to me how lace changes after it is blocked. Like a catepillar into a butterfly. 

I will show an after picture as soon as I have it done. At the moment I don’t have a blocking board, so no can do until I get something suitable…
Soon though 🙂

Now on to the next bit of knitting. I have an idea, but not the right yarn for it. Sadly there is no new yarn on the horizon at the moment.
Until the time I can finish the growing bamboo and the “other piece”. Definitely work up some of my stash.

It’s not like I don’t have other ideas. Neatly written down in my journal. I can pick one of those to knit on in the mean time.
Maybe I will work on a lace scarf. I had the idea for it a few years back, now it is finally the time to get real with it. I have the perfect yarn in my stash for it too…

Or maybe I should spin a few yards to finally get the yarn for my new winter shawl together? The one I want to keep for myself for once…
We will see how I feel tomorrow after volunteering 😀

What do you all think I should work on?


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