Monday again :)

So here is a really quick Monday update…(Mondays are always chock full of work)

The KAL started today and I did get the first 9 rows in before taking off to volunteer. YAYYY There is still time to join!  Come on! 🙂
although I might change my mind on the yarn front… I am using Peaches n Creme and it is going to be humongous! 😀 On the other hand I like big dishcloths…I might stick with it.

You may recognize the yarn from a bunch of other projects before, but I had about a ton leftover. No idea why I had this much to begin with… tststs…

Then I have decided to go with what Bean and Ariane suggested. I will spin this afternoon…

My wonderful Corridale top! YAYYY – for a shawl – for me – as of now – that may change….it almost always does….

Monday updates are short as you know… so there…

Hope you all had a great start in your week as well! 😀

ETA: Eeeek! my drive band broke! No more spinning until I get a new one!


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