Feature Friday: Springtree road

Feature Friday has a fellow fiber fanatic today! 🙂
Springtree Road. Found for you on Twitter, Maya makes the most yummy handspun yarn!
Here is a bit more about her:
Her name is Maya and her business is Springtree Road Handspun Yarn & Fibers.
She has spent most of her live in the Southern US (Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee) (I was in all those States on Vacation, except Tennessee :), Very Beautiful!)

She got into her art last year right around this time. “I was looking to have my own Etsy shop so that I could contribute to the family financially” she says. She also hopes to make it part of the learning experience for her  homeschooling daughter, “and as an expression of my creativity.” she ads. Through a series of events, she happened on spinning yarn.

 OMG I love this!!!!

Maya knew the basics of knitting (cast on/off, knit/purl) since she was 16 years old, but she only started learning more and doing more in October of 2008, when she knit her first scarf. She mentions:”I have the videos on YouTube and KnittingHelp.com to thank for a lot of what I’ve learned.”
“Daydreaming is really important to me. I don’t get to do nearly enough of it these past few years. I have my best ideas when I’m not thinking.” Maya says.
and this!

 Right now she is spinning more yarn for her shop. It’s Bluefaced Leicester wool, which is her favorite to spin, and it will be in lovely peach and brown colors. Tomorrow Maya’ll be on to fairly bright purples and greens.
Maya is an ardent photographer as well and her dream would be to take pictures of just about anything. She would also love to add a few more cameras and lenses to her collection, as well as develop her own photographs. “I take pictures all the time. ” she says. Weekends are usually family time and, though one might think she could find the time to go out with her camera during the week, “it’s impossible to keep one eye on the viewfinder and the other on a 4-year-old exploradora”. Maybe when Maya’s daughter is older….
and this!

I asked her which artist -dead or alive- she would love to meet and her answer was:
The American Photographer Sally Mann. Best known for her beautiful black and white photography.

Maya says her family is what keeps her going. “…and coffee. I’m positive I would not get out of bed so early in the morning if not for the promise of coffee.”
This is the last thing that made Maya laugh until she cried. “I used to be a really funny girl, but also pretty unhappy.” she confesses. “When I got some things right in my life and got happy, I lost a lot of my funny. Sometimes I miss it, but truly I like the happy better. “ I am so glad you are happy! I know how it is the other way and laughter is sometimes the only thing that keeps you from drwoning…
I also asked her to share an aaawwww moment with us:
My husband told me the other day that he came upon our daughter making a mess in the bathroom sink with water, soap, and some scraps of my handspun yarn she pilfered. He started to get onto her about it until she turned and looked at him and said, “But Daddy, I’m only setting the twist!”
And this too!!!!
How cuuuuuuute!!! 
 If this and all the pretty pictures did not inspire you to pick up your needles, then I don’t know… I loooove the pink!
So go grab a little Fluff (best from Maya) and get going! 🙂

On a more personal note: I know I am a bit slow with “my” blog updates and posts, but I am sick.. I have a cold and it is nasty. I also lost the charger to my camera and am really sick of inflicting the the horrible pics on you….I am working on that too 🙂
It all will be dealt with in time and I will update more regularly again….promise

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! 

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