only slightly obsessing…

…with the whole Mt Everest theme these days. I am reading “Into Thin Air”. Awesome book.
I never understood why people would put themselves (and their loved ones) through an ordeal like that…
It makes you sweat!
It can potentially cost you some fingers, toes or other appendages or worse: YOUR LIFE!!!

I am however fascinated by what makes these people tick. Why will they submit to such a grueling experience for a few minutes on the summit? What must it feel like to be up there? To see the ones that have gone before you and not made it by the side of the way and still troop on.

It is hard to explain really what I feel about the whole thing exactly. I don’t think there is a word for it out there… I am awed and a bit disgusted at the same time. Fascinated and simultaneously apathetic. WEIRD.

I suffer from a fear of heights. It is unthinkable that I will ever experience anything even remotely like this…That is what fascinates me, what makes me come back for more books, more pictures, more stories…

I did find a way to be on the top, on the roof of the world, on the big mountain itself! I drew myself on it!

For your entertainment my new desk top background:

See? This is me on top of the mountain! 🙂

I found the photograph on the web… I hope he would not mind… It is by the late Charlie Fowler. Great climber, great photographer.


2 thoughts on “only slightly obsessing…

  1. I can see you up there already! It would be amazing, how proud your family would be. You could start w/ Mt. Rainier and work your way up to the big time.Okay, how's this for a convincing: Your readers could corporately knit you an inspiration scarf and hat. It'll have a snow peak and everything. ^_^ *nudge* it's too tempting.

  2. LOL I would totally dig the hat/scarf combo… LOL and someone to catch me when I pass out (which I will but not from the altitude…She sheer sight will do it for me LOL)I think someone should get sponsored by a yarn company and make it the highest altitude knit out ever… it would be awesome!Call it something like Knittitude, or Purls in the sky…knitting summit….

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