Feature Friday: Ariane aka Fallingstitches

Today I would like to introduce you all to Ariane Caron-Lacoste. Her business name is Falling Stitches.      

She has a new blog also named fallingstitches where you can read all about her knitting process and general thoughts.
Ariane grew up in a really small village called East-Farnham, in the province of Quebec, in Canada. She lived there until she was 17 years-old, then  she moved to Montreal to study music in a CEGEP (a cegep is a school between college and university). She didn’t like it as much as she thought she would, so she dropped school. For 2 years she worked full-time and then started a degree in translation at the University of Montreal. Ariane says:”I am now finishing my Major in Theorical Linguistics and I am starting in September a Minor in German Studies”.Her first language was French. She is very talented, not just with knitting needles!
(OMG how awesome is this???)

As far as she can remember, Ariane’s older sister and  herself where always drawing. Their mom used to hang every single drawing on the wall. She shares: “From kindergarden to the last year of middleschool, I won every single drawing contest, every year.” During that time Ariane was also participating in the school’s orchestra. She was playing bass clarinet and also took painting classes for 1 or 2 years… “my paintings are still on my mom’s kitchen wall…” she says.
When she started high school, she was still playing the bass clarinet. She was in a special program in school, so she was always playing music. And as a few of her friends were drawing as well, she never really stopped that either.
Then came the big move to Montreal, the big city. “I stopped music, drawing, everything. My rebellious period” she admitts.
A couple of years later however, she found a pair of knitting needles and some old itchy acrylic yarn. She decided that she was going to make a scarf! That was it! Ariane was hooked on knitting! Ariane muses:”I finally found the thing that I was looking for in arts: beautiful, creative, and USEFUL.”
 (Isn’t she just cute as a button? And the jacket is just beautiful!The pattern for it is available at her etsy store!)
Ariane gets most inspired by nature. She adds: “I think that it’s a little cliché, but nature inspires my a lot.” Her friends inspire her as well. “I like to imagine a shape that would suit them, their faces, and the color of their hair, of their skin…” she says about her process.
Colors are also inspiring to Ariane. she says:”Lately, I have been craving some bird-poop-ochre ish yellow… But usually, I’m all about reds, violets, greens, yellows…” She has convinced herself that she doesn’t like blue, “…but it is everywhere around me and it’s a color that suits me really well… funny!”
 Recently Ariane discovered sewing. She sewed some stuff for her boutique like super cute knitting needle cases and cushion and clutches, but her true love will always be knitting. 
Right now she is knitting Faverolle by Cirilia Rose, a designer that Ariane totally admires! She lets on:”I have some great new knitting designs ideas for Fall, but *shhhh* it’s a secret!”
 (The pattern for this scarf/shawlette is alwo available in her etsy store)
The question of what would be the perfect project for her, she answeres:
“One project? Hahaha several projects! I would LOVE to knit a cardigan in Madeline Tosh, or in Malabrigo! One part of this dream will be realized: I recently bought some Malabrigo Lace and Sock! It’s not going to be a cardigan, but at least it’s going to be a luxurious yarn…”
 (I am in love with this needle case! I love the leaf print on it!)
Some of Ariane’s favourtie artists are amazing knitters like Jared Flood, Norah Gaughan, Cookie A. or Ysolda Teague.
“Knitting will always be part of my life. It keeps me relaxed, serene and sane”she says
Ariane let’s us in on her live a bit:”Does anybody know the song “Across the Universe” from the Beatles? (of course you do) Well, they sing: “Nothing’s gonna change my world”. I understand it like this: nobody is gonna do anything to change my situation. The only person who can do it is me. It’s my mantra!” 

The thing that makes her laugh the most is her boyfriend, he mimiks her and aparently is doing a good job.
Share a aaaaawwwww moment:
         Ok, it has nothing to do with knitting of crafting. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. One older brother, two older sisters and a younger brother. My oldest sister had her first baby when she was 19, but I was 6 and my little brother was only 4! So, my mom said to my little brother: “Jonathan, today, you are an uncle!” And he said, looking at my mom like she was stupid : “But mom, that is not possible, I don’t have a mustache yet! “
           I always find this story so cute!
(I think that is too cute!!! This story made me say aaawwwww! :D) 
 (These are some of Arianes Stitchmarkers.. I looooove blue! There I said it!)
Thank you so much for stopping by Ariane! I had fun reading about you and what you do. I am amazed with your art! I absolutely LOVE it! Don’t ever stop drawing! 
I hope you all had a good time getting to know her a little better as well!
She is such a sweet person! (do follow her on Twotter and find out for yourself!)
You can also see more of her work and get some of her awesome knitting patterns  in her fallingstitches etsy store

If you know about an artist you would like to see featured here on the blog (or are an artist yourself and would like to be featured) please get in touch with me! I would love to see what you are up to and I am sure my readers would too!
The internet is full of amazing people! Let’s get to know each other!

Sadly I have to make feature Friday a once a month occasion from here on out, since I am running out pf people to feature and lately I don’t have the time to blog hop as much anymore… Please let me know if you know of someone to feature! Or if you rather don’t have this going on at all here…I need to know. I live to please! 🙂

Hugs to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Ariane aka Fallingstitches

  1. Wow this is such a great post! Thank you very much for featuring me on your feature friday!I will try to talk to people, to let them know about your blog and your feature friday…

  2. Hi, I really like this section Feature Friday. I have been following both blogs and now I know so much more about Ariane and her many talents. I enjoyed reading it a lot.S

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