I O U…

…some pictures of the grown up growing bamboo
Remember it?  
(My own pattern)

Well it has been done for several weeks now. First I couldn’t find my camera, then I just forgot about actually taking the picture. These last two days were beautiful outside, so I sat out in the back yard for a very long time and that is exactly what I made this wrap for. Summer evenings. When it gets just a little bit “fresh” out there, but you are not ready yet to relinquish your garden chair and go back inside… I can wrap myself in this sweet little shawl and be snug as the bug that lives in my tomato plants!

Here it is, modeled by my daughter:
Padme stile: 
I knitted it with naturally caron’s spa yarn in misty taupe and coral lipstick on size US 10 needles.
Looooove the drape!!! Will make something else in this yarn.
Now I will go back to sitting and enjoying the summer night in my garden!
 Good night peeps! 🙂

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