new plan!

The back of my pullover was done! Then I frogged it! 🙂
I have looked at it and looked at it and knitted on it and done the math for the raglan and done the decreasing and…. I didn’t like it!
It was supposed to be a cardigan in the first place. I need a cardigan, not another pullover! 
I have scrapped the entire design for this sweater. (well more put on ice until I need a pullover…)
Clean slate, fresh paper, new start…
I have come up with something I might like.
Still a raglan, still those two colours of yarn. Only a bit differently placed and it will be a cardigan! BASTA! 😀
So this morning I did all the math and found a bit of lace I like and this afternoon, after coming home from volunteering, I will cast on and indulge.

 Until the doubts come again. And they will, They always do! arrrrggggh.. it’s not easy, being a libra! LOL


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