progress picture, sock-bliss and news of sorts

I have made progress on my cardigan! 🙂
Top down raglan, with hoody (yardage permitting). I have decided to try myself at a steek! *dun, dun, duuuuuuun* I will post pictures of every stage of the sewing and cutting, as soon as I have mustered up the guts to do it! LOL
Here the cardigan in the ever popular”blob-stage” (I am past the armholes and maybe about half way to the length I want it when finished):

Then: I have a few pictures for you of my brand new (bought) socks!
I am a bit of a sock fanatic… knee high and thigh high are my favorites, but I also love the little anklets…I love all socks! long, short, crazy colours, or not!
I guess it all started when I started working. We have usually white scrubs on over there (seldom some slightly colored ones like blue or green, back in those days) and white Birkenstock sandals in the office.
I always made sure I had some funny, funky weird socks to show in the white sandals. The kids LOVED my socks. It gave them something to talk to me about and it sort of made them forget that they were supposed to be scared of the dentist. 😀
I think everybody’s favorite back then were my yellow and black, bee striped socks! Tooooo cheery for their own good! LOL
Here is my new bounty:

And these! Aren’t these just great???

And just in time for the Fourth- celebrations! Colony? NO MORE! 🙂

Oh and for the news part: I traded my clarinet. I had a used “Rico” one. After playing with it a bit and getting it nice and warm, I noticed the barrel was broken. Just above where the silver ring was. So I gave it back. I got a really nice Selmer 100 wooden one now! 🙂 Classes to begin next month, or so.


3 thoughts on “progress picture, sock-bliss and news of sorts

  1. Yay for cardigan!Yay for socks!and double yay for clarinet! As you know, I played bass clarinet for several years. I can assure you that Selmer is a good brand!

  2. Hey you guys! :)I will tell and maybe even put up a little video of me playing once I'm a bit further along (if I'm brave enough LOL)Thank you for telling me Ariane! It's always such a ting when you buy an instrument. I know about flutes, violins and accordions, but that is it…so it is comforting to know it's a good one I picked! 🙂

Happy to hear from you! :)

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