1) July #12 socks

My first pair of socks for the #12socks porject on Twitter is done! 🙂
Here they are:

I used yarn I had leftover from another project (it was only a partial skein, so the socks had to be rather short). No pattern, just went for it.

 I like the colour a lot! (coral lipstic from Naturally Caron (the spa line). Very nice to knit with (splits a little) and very nice to wear. Machine washable and dryable! Love it! Close up of the claw-cable pattern:

 These socks were supposed to be for me, but my DD snagged them right away when they were done! *sigh* got to make another pair for me now… oh the sacrifices we knitting mothers make LOL


2 thoughts on “1) July #12 socks

  1. The socks are so pretty!! I would wonder about the tops stretching out though.. is there some trick to the construction to keep that from happening? especially since it's not wool?

  2. Hello T!The cable stops it from getting too loose! Since it cinches the whole thing together. (I had to cast on much more stitches then usually for a sock my size to even make it go over the heel.)They are going to be more then likely house socks anyway. 🙂 sort of more like slippers? But one could absolutely put a ribbing at the top, if you wanted. I just really did not have enough yarn LOL, I barely made it as is 😉

Happy to hear from you! :)

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