August socks

I started the next pair of socks right away (as most of the #12socks knitters did)
Here is the start of my August socks:
I love that colour !(Patons Kryon in Summer Moss Jaquard) So fun and happy looking!

 If you are wondering where the foot goes in:
I am attempting for the first time to knit two socks at the same time on one set of DPN’s. I have seen it done lots of places from the cuff down before, but I am doing it toe up. The DK method (from the cuff down) is explained in “Knitty” from 2006 some time. I have been wanting to try this for years and never got around to it…

My reasons for doing it this way are:
 I have two balls of yarn and don’t want any leftovers. THis way I can knit until I run out of yarn. Also: since the yarn is already patterned I wanted the sock plain (too much is too much you  know…) and knitting a second, long, plain sock is not so much fun. This way I avoid doing the math, having leftovers AND the second sock syndrom all at once! 😀 Clever, I know!


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