oh no…..

I had a plan!
Had it all laied out.
A sock!
Not just any sock!
A stripey sock with stylized doggies (sort of the celtic knot figures) on the top. I picked out my yarn from the giant stash given to me. I started knitting. I was deliriously happy with my choice and even at peace with the time it would take to knit them on size US 1 needles……

Then it happened!!!! The yarn was cut. Oh! No big deal, I’m only a few rows in.. I start over with the fresh bit. Second time round, halfway through the toe: yarn was cut again… hmmmm weird… felted it together, so I would not have so much to sew in- went on.
The cone fell over while I was pulling yarn off it. I picked it up and noticed a bunch of ends sticking out of the top.
I thought well, let me just see how long the strands are. They are a few yards each only! The cone must have been accidentally cut or something (no bite-marks! LOL I checked immediately for moths!!!) I could have cried! I love that yarn! So soft and pretty!!!
Now what to do????
The plan is a good one and I really want the socks. I cant use the black yarn. Well, I could if I didn’t mind repairing the yarn every so often. (the strands are getting longer now). Or I could use any of the other cones pictured here….

(See the wisps sticking out on top of the black cone?)

 What do you all think? White and blue? White and the green? Or stick with the black?

ETA: Hubby decided blue socks and white stripey-doggy pattern. 😀 Love it. Blue is my favourite colour after all. BUT I think the contrast would be a bit better with a  white sock and green pattern….arrrgh I suck at making decisions!!!!

After talking to my twitter peeps, I am now totally undecided… white socks suck, they get dirty quickly…. black is more for winter….I’m not sure if the green is enough to make the main body of the sock…. arrrrgh…


2 thoughts on “oh no…..

  1. I crochet and hate when the yarn is cut. My grandmother gave me a bunch of her old yarn and she obviously saved every little scrap and tried to put it back together. :O)

Happy to hear from you! :)

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