My apple pie recipe

You can make this pie with any filling you like, but we are partial to apples. 😀

1/2 stick butter (more if you like LOL)
2 cups flour
1 egg
a few tbs cold water (about 5 or 6)
Milk for “wash” and a pastry brush

6-8 medium sized Apples
Sugar to taste
Cinnamon (optional)
Vanilla essence (otional; we don’t like cinnamon, so I use vanilla)

What you do:

Put the flour in a bowl, crumble the butter in to it, then stir the butter and flower together with your hands, until they are nice and combined. Add the egg and the water and keep kneading. When you have a nice smooth dough, that does not stick to the bowl, take it out and roll it on a lightly flouered surface out. make it fairly thin, but not too thin. About 2/4 of an inch is good for the bottom.

 It should be a bit bigger then you pie pan. Take your pie pan and lay the dough over it. Push it down into the pan and up the sides, make sure it sits in the snug. then cut around the edges of the pie pan. Knead the leftover dough together and roll it out. This will be the top of the pie. I usually like the top crust a bit thiner then the bottom crust.
Put both in the refrigerator.
Peel the apples and cut them into bite sized pieces. (I like to sprinkle a little bit Lemon juice over the top, so they don’t brown so quickly, but it is optional at best.)
Sprinkle sugar and vanilla flavor over the apple bits and stir.
Take pie crust out of refrigerator, and sprinkle sugar in the bottom to lightly cover it.

 Pile apples into crust. Now take the top and lay it over the apples. With your fingers pinch the two dough pieces together along the edges of the pie pan.
Take a knife and cut “vents” in the top of the crust..You can also use cookie cutters to cut out shapes if you like. The important thing is that the steam can evaporate while it is baking.
If there is any dough left over you can use it for decoration.Just take a bit of dough, roll it into a “snake” flatten the snake and roll it up to form a rose, make a petal out of some dough and presto. Or just go with the flow and with how you feel. I really love my family and let it show in this pie:

Preheat oven to 400 F, bake your pie for 15  min. Use the milk and a pastry brush and “wash” over the top of your pie. Reduce heat to 375 F for about 45 more minutes, or until the crust is golden brown.

Let cool , enjoy with vanilla Ice creme, or cheddar cheese! 

My thanks to Chris (aka @vtknitboy on twitter) for letting me know I spelled Flour wrong… again… I’m so sorry folks! I will learn.. eventually.. I only speak English on a daily basis for 12 years now…LOL there is hope! 😀


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