Snakes and ladders

I’m doing 2 socks at once on my circular needles! As if that wasn’t enough, I’m doing them toe up; not my preferred method!
I’m telling you… I’m fighting with it! It’s not the first time I’m trying this, but this time I’m determined not to give up. Arrrrrgh LOL
I get so lost in all the loopiness of it! I either forget to pull a loop, or don’t pull it out enough, or too much …. there are cable snakes everywhere for me to get caught in. 😀
I already frogged a few rows, because I had ladders. Something I never had in 30 odd years of knitting with my DPN’s…  O.O

I know.. Why stick with it, when it is obviously aggravating me like this? Because it’s getting better! The ladders are gone! Now to tame the snakes.. anybody got a flute? LOL

I know I can do this. It might not become my favorite technique ever, but I think one should at least have tried it. Can’t talk unless I know about what, can I?
So I told myself: I have to at least finish ONE PAIR of socks this way. BASTA!
I have to be strict with myself….I need a good talking to every now and then 😀

My thanks go to @vtknitboy. He is hanging in there with me. Gave me good pointers and hints and is generally a very sweet person to tweet with. (And have you seen his yarn????? *droooool*)

This is how far I am at this point in time:

YAYYYYY! 🙂 Totally cheering for myself! LOL

5 thoughts on “Snakes and ladders

  1. Look great! Knitting socks on 2-Cirs is my preferred method of knitting socks, but I haven't knitted 2 socks @ a time on the same needle. I like to take my knitting w/me when I have to go places & the thought of having to keep track of where I am w/my knitting & keeping the yarns untangled would be a bit much.That being said…I am knitting 2-socks at a time on their own set of needles. Currently, I'm knitting a pattern that has 6-Rounds to the pattern, so I knit 6 rounds on 1 sock, then 6-rounds on the others. I have a stitch counter pinned to each sock to help me keep track.Good luck & keep at it.

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