Aliens on my window sill!

Remember the alien-plant I grew last year? (I got the little pot from Target at that time. With one of those dehydrated dirt paddies to go with it.)  It grew and then just stopped. It grew roots but not on the top and I never found out what it was exactly.

This year (around Valentines day) I got another little $1 pot there… I seeded and tended. It took forever, but plants grew eventually. They stayed little as they are now forever and just recently started to fill out.
Well this was fun! Where are the little red flowers I was promised? Probably should have translplanted them in a bigger pot…
Something else popped up! “Huh…” I thought and watched.
This is what I got:

 The white plant grew first mind you. The second bigger green one is only there since a few days, the white one for a few weeks.

 They seem to like it where they are. They are growing bigger.
I really would like to know what it is. The second time I am harboring alien plants in my home LOL (these do look a bit better though then the first. Maybe I should have watered it on a regular basis, like I do these LOL)

I also have successfully gotten roots from my avocado pit! YAYYY! 🙂

This is my kitchen window sill :

You can see the two pepper plants a freind of ours grew from seed. They started to fill out too these last few days! They also have quite a few blooms! Sooo happy! Although they are hot peppers and I won’t be able to eat them, I love to grow them and my shuband will love to eat them!
I want to make the pots a bit nicer eventually. I just need a few extra hours in the day LOL.
I have a “corkscrew willow” branch rooting there, a drawing my son made (“birds at the beach” he called it),and a little mixedmedia-heart-artwork my daughter made me years ago for mothersday. Also a little angle my Husband found for me for a few cent’s at a thriftstore some years back and my thermometer. The polka dotted little “bucket” holds seeds from the yard until they are dried. (right now seeds of our Purple Islander bell-peppers. They are literally purple bell peppers!!!)
The little cup I keep the alien plant in says: remember me” in golden letters on white background. I loved it so much at the thrift store…( also a while ago) It looks so wonderfully oldfashoned. I have no idea how old it is..


5 thoughts on “Aliens on my window sill!

  1. My mom used to do that with avocado pits. Sometimes they would get roots. I don't remember her ever getting a plant out of the deal.I somehow forgot a sweet potato in the pantry when Hubby and I went on our 2 1/2 week honeymoon. It was growing gangbusters when we got home. I planted it, but it died. Guess I should have left it on the shelf.

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