Monday, Monday! lalalalaalaa

Yup, first monday in August! WOHOOO it’s getting to be fall! WOHOOOO!
I love fall, in case you haven’t guessed it 🙂
Mondays are also volunteer days here for me. Why don’t you try it out yourself? It’s a lot of fun and does a world of good for the community! Gets you out of the house and you’ll meet a bunch of sweet peeps!

Hmmm knitting content… yes. I had some! 🙂

I turned the heel on my new socks. Love them. Although this one will only be a prototype. I will have to make the actual pair after this one is done and all the kinks worked out.

I have decided the yarn should be held double. This one is really nice and light, but it also is slightly see-through LOL. To top it off, I made the mistake and did the traveling joggless stripes. That is not the actual mistake. I just made the heel on the side to have them end up on top of the foot.. not a good look. I have to tweak that a bit.
Oh well… live and learn. I charted the most Godaweful dog yesterday for the top of the sock. Let’s hope it looks better knitted! LOL 😉

And then I have a new item in my shop! YAYYY! Take a look!
A necklace I made yesterday! I love skeleton keys and buttons! I have to make one for myself too!


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