Shower musings

Some people sing in the shower, some people say they have the best ideas in the shower… I think about things while in the shower.
All kinds of things. Absolutely unrelated things.
One of them -as you might have guessed- is knitting.

So the other day I was taking a shower and I thought about sock knitting. I came up with the idea to knit socks on straight needles. I was thrilled! OMG! Absolutely radical!!!
So the minute I was done, I ran and departed my newest stroke of genius to my peeps on twitter… then someone told me: That’s the normal way to knit socks in England! Always have done them that way… BUMMER! LOL

So much for me “inventing” a revolutionary new way of knitting socks!!!  ROFL
The way I figured it out, it works though and I might just do it for the fun of it… 
(and maybe make a little tutorial as well for all of you, sweet readers. Even if you already know how to do it. Humor me LOL)

In other sock knitting news: the September socks for #12 socks on twitter are done and I cast on for the next pair. I wanted a bit of a pattern stitch on these, although the yarn is a variegated. I could not find anything I liked so far, so I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

I have also ripped the raglan again. I made the neck too tight. Not too tight really, it would have fit just fine, but I don’t like it so close up.
Will have to add a few stitches here and there to make it a bit more off the neck.
I have also finally made up my mind about the braid I want to use. YAYYY! in 5 days or less! New record!

Then there were the 5 pounds I lost! wOOt! wOOt! 🙂

I kept them off now for almost 2 weeks! Wish me luck! There is more where those 5 pounds came from! LOL
If you want to loose a few pounds and don’t want to do it alone, join me and a few of my twitter peeps here:
There is no such thing as too much support! Keeping each other on track and in a good mood is essential when trying to loose weight! So come on by and say hello!

I have finished a few headbands too. You will be able to get them at Kiss my style! Oh yeah! 🙂

And that was it for this Monday!


5 thoughts on “Shower musings

  1. I have a lot to say:1) I know how you feel about "discovering" something that has been discovered already! Me it's about a hood construction, but without the pointy top. I found it, just to realize that all my non-knitted stuff is that way. Yet, I feel cool because I found it by myself! yay me!2)Yay for socks!3)YAY YAY YAY for the 5 pounds!!!! Keep up the good work girl!!! Go go go!!! Cheering for youuuuuuuuu!!4)I LOVE those headband. I would love to have a bracelet like that *squint squint*It's good to read your blog!

  2. Love you too! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! *wink back* I will see what I can do.. I plan to send everything out soon. The package is a bit heavy (my surprise for you is a heavy one… I really hope you like it!)

  3. Hello Shortoldlady!I will do that tutorial for you! I just don't know when exactly.. so much going on right now here. But keep checking back! 🙂 Hope you are all right!Talk to you soon!HUGS!

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