Feature Friday on a Monday!

Here is the promised feature Friday… Sorry it took so long to put it up here, but I had I-net troubles…
I give you: Megan Caplin Hughes from Kiss my Style: 

Your name and that of your business, if you have one: Megan Calpin Hughes (Meg) & Kiss My Style
Link to your shop/website/blog:
Website: www.kissmystyle.com
KMS blog: www.kissmystyle.com/blog /
Personal blog: www.lifeinspiredby.blogspot.com
Where are you from? Scranton PA

Who or what got you into your art in the first place and how old were you? My Mom. Crayons, cardboard, refrigerator boxes and the woods. We lived in the country and she shipped me outside with art supplies, the trees & grass and my imagination.

What was your first project that you remember making and do you have a picture of it? I don’t have a picture of my first ever project but the first real thing I knitted was a sweater for my nephew. I’m attaching it. Knitting is my passion & I’m so glad I found it out! It helps relieve stress & I love the instant gratification.
What inspires you? My children. The outdoors. Rain. Color & sound. Music. My husband’s hugs. My magazine obsession (Home Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart, Natural Home, Body & Soul etc)
What are you working on right now? Knits, eye pillows & dryer pillows for Kiss My Style, Some sewing pieces for my wee-ones and playing around with my new embroidery machine!!

What would be the project of your dreams, if money for supplies were no problem? Decorating a summer home on the beach – Maine, Cape Cod or somewhere really warm and luxurious.

If you could meet any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? Martha. No Question. Martha.
What keeps you going? My goals.

What makes you laugh? My kids & my husband. Funny Home Videos & other shows that show the goofiness of people. And my girl time. I love having drinks with a good girlfriend.

Share an aaawwwww moment with us! (this does not have to be about your art, just anything that
makes you go aaawwwwww) Every day I feel blessed to have my two babies. My heart exists because of them. Every morning when I get them out of bed I smile b/c Im greeted with love – pure happiness. I just love them. 

Correction! This is not one of Meg’s babies! This is her nephew in a pullover knitted by her! I still want to pinch his cheeks!!!
Correction! This is not one of Meg’s babies! This is her nephew in a pullover knitted by her! I still want to pinch his cheeks!!!


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