Helping out

My DS and I have started to volunteer at the Food Bank farm on Thursdays. It is an all organic farm, that supplies the Food bank (my DD and I volunteer at) with fresh produce.
It is a lot of fun to work there, seeing things grow and harvest fresh vegetables.

If you do some research (google is a great help with that) you might find a place like this in your neighborhood to volunteer. If you don’t like gardening, I am sure there are plenty of other opportunities to give back to your community somehow by volunteering your time! 

At the end of the day we get to take home a little bit of produce.
I thought I share a picture with you all of what we got today:

Most of the things we take home have a blemish or are otherwise unfit to be given out at the food bank. The Health-department has strict rules for what can be given out and what can’t. Does not mean the food is bad, just doesn’t comply with the code…The tomatoes for example had a split in the skin and cannot be given out like that. Sad. They are perfectly good and I don’t mind taking them, but there you have it.. it’s the rule…Good for us though, we got to take them home.
I also got hot peppers. a bellpepper, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, basil and a cabbage. All organic, all harvested fresh this morning! YUM! Bon appetit!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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