I finished the Jacket I have been talking about for days on end 🙂 (well maybe not here, but if you follow me on twitter, you KNOW…. LOL
Here it is now, done and done! I am very happy with it! It’s something for every day. Not quite as thick as a winter coat, but warmer then the summer jackets I have.

Pattern: none
Yarn: Fisherman’s Wool from Lion Brand, Love the way it knits up, but EVERY one of the 3 skeins I bought had knots in it. (and not just one…3, 5 and 6 knots!!) I am not sure if I would buy it again… on the other hand, I really love how it came out… aahhh decisions!
Needles: addi turbos US size 10.5
Buttons: Vintage mother of pearl
Nitty gritty: Top down raglan love the way you don’t have to seam…

On to the next project! 😀


6 thoughts on “fInally!

  1. Oh my dear, I love this jacket! Need one too, NOW! (In fact, I really need a jacket cause I forgot my favorite one somewhere.)I'd have the perfect yarn in my stash, could you please finish my UFOs? *LOL*It really looks great on you, congratulations!HugsSabine

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